Share A Moment Photo Booths | 2016.01 – Day of Discovery – Panorama, CA.
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2016.01 – Day of Discovery – Panorama, CA.

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2016.01 – Day of Discovery – Panorama, CA.

Let us tell you about our first Day of Discovery event because if you care at all about kids striving for their dreams, then you’ll want to hear about it.

Taking place at Panorama High School, we teamed up with the Youth Policy Institute and the Youth Services Department to bring over 400 students a day of excitement, learning, and excitement about learning. The goal was to empower students to further their learning in any subject that they can be passionate about. It was both question/answer based as well as interactive.

On the educational side of things, we created a panel of 20 professionals from different industries and had them consult high school sophomores and juniors on why it’s important to pursue education and to open their minds to the plethora of options out there. For the younger students, a myriad of hands on project booths were stationed throughout the campus. Hands on activities included: junk boat building and floating, solar powered airplane building and flying, kite making, cooking class, etc.

On the interactive side of things, we made the day festive by bringing in a DJ, hosting a walk-a-thon, constructed a massive rock climbing wall, cook off challenges and sports competitions also took place. A $1,000 scholarship competition took place for those whom were able to submit their financial aid applications by the given deadline. There were activities for all of the kids and smiles were had all day long.

We truly appreciate all of the kids who came out and all of the staff who participated in this event. Can’t wait until next year.

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